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Our Little Story

sisters2.jpgAlthough we say 'Since 1990' on our site here, we actually 'accidentally' started The White Elephant a year or so before. The year 1990 is just the year we finally became the White Elephant, Inc.!  

As we approach the future and our 20th year in the consignment business (yikes!), we were recently reminded about the past. A very important part of it. Our mother, Gloria, was also a partner in our 'accidental' business. She passed away after a long illness in 1995. Shortly before her death she made us promise that we'd write the story of our 'accidental' business as inspiration for other people to follow their dreams. We did. We self-published our little story, 'An Elephant's Tale' and left the little booklet in the stores, with no fanfare, for guests in our shop to pick up for free.

We printed thousands of them. Can't remember how many. Those little booklets travelled far and wide. We've received many back in the mail over the years with multiple hand written comments all over them and attached to them - from readers to whom the individual booklets were passed on to! Can't remember why we stopped! Anyway, the very first post to our Guest Book on this site was from someone who had run across a copy of our little story!  What a reminder. How lovely that it still is making it's way through multiple hands!

We're reprinting 'An Elephant's Tale'  as this is written. If you'd like your own hard copy from our printers (now remember this was made well before Publisher and the internet so it's 'homey') send us an email! Meantime, for those who don't know our little story, download and read it here!  Then, maybe, leave us a note and sign our Guest Book!