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  • What Do You Sell? (0 entries)

    New and gently-used goods from clothing to furniture; housewares, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, live indoor plants, art, books, decorative accessories, linen, shoes and more!
  • What Are Your Hours? (0 entries)

    Shopping hours are: Monday through Saturday 10AM - 5PM, Sundays 12AM - 5PM. Consignment hours are: Monday through Saturday 10AM -4PM and Sunday 12PM - 4PM
  • What Do You Accept on Consignment? (0 entries)

    We sell everything from antiques to housewares, men's women's clotng and all types of treasures, oddities and necessities in-between! See more complete listings of what we are unable to help you sell under the 'No Thank You' category.
  • What Items Do You Not Accept? (0 entries)

    While due consideration is given to all antique, rare, unusual or exceptional quality items regardless of condition -- see our NTY list to help you select the appropriate 'white elephants' to bring us and those best donated to your favorite nonprofit.
  • NTY Items (2 entries)

    Items we do not accept:
  • Are Your Prices Firm? (0 entries)

    Our consignors have the option of setting their own asking price for an item. If they wish to reduce an item they must do so within their 45-day consignment period. We do not discount any items until they have been on the sales floor at least 10 days
  • Do You Hold Items? (0 entries)

    We sell goods on a first-come, first-served basis. We generate enough traffic in our stores that we feel it is the fair thing to do for our consignors whose goods are on our selling floor for only 45 days.
  • What Does 'All Sales Final' Mean? (1 entry)

    It means....ALL SALES ARE FINAL! You buy it - it is yours! No returns, no refunds, no exceptions. 'All Sales Final' is posted on our front doors, our sales receipts, on signs around the store and at our sales counter. This helps our customers remember
  • How Much Do I Receive for My Items? (0 entries)

    You receive 40% of the selling price on clothing/accessory items and 55% of the selling price on furniture and hardgoods less the buyer's fee and sales tax.
  • When Do I Get Paid For My Stuff? (1 entry)

    We pay consignors at the end of the 45-day consignment period by check in our stores when unsold goods consignors wish to retrieve are picked up. If a consignor is donating any unsold goods to WExchange Thrift at the end of their consignment.
  • Can I Buy Against My Account? (0 entries)

    Consignors may 'debit' their account for in-store purchases during the consignment period -- up to the amount they are due (less our commission).
  • Do I Need An Appointment? (1 entry)

    No! We accept consignments every day we are open until 4PM. We do ask you call at least 24 HRS ahead before bringing furniture items to ensure we have floor space to accomodate it; and, that you understand our procedures and acceptance guidelines.
  • What Happens to My Stuff if I Miss My Pick Up Date or Elect to Donate It? (0 entries)

    Unclaimed goods, including missed pick up items become store property, We started WExchange Thrift Shop just for this reason! WExchange Thrift is located in the lower level of our Middleburg store. Proceeds go to local nonprofits.
  • Do You Have A Layaway Plan? (1 entry)

    Yes! For purchases of $40 or more you may layaway items upon receipt of a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for 10 days (and 10 days only).
  • What If I Need Hangers or Want Mine Back? (0 entries)

    If you don't have enough hangers, stop in one of our stores. We keep a supply of hangers to give to our consignors for this purpose. If you want your hangers back you can simply switch your items to our hangers when you bring them in for consignment.
  • Forms (0 entries)

    Our Consignment Agreement, Listing Sheets and other literature can be viewed and down loaded. Check out the navbar under How to Consign.